Why Florida Is The Best Place To Retire

Retiring means getting ready for the good life and you want to retire in a place that has low crime, a low cost of living and fantastic weather. If you have spent your working years in a state that has long winters, you are going to love Florida because there is no snow and no prolonged periods of cold.

Florida is a very affordable state to live in and you can have a high quality of life when you move there. The healthcare system is fantastic and your money will go far when you move to Florida. You can sell your home and buy a smaller home for much less in Florida and still have lots of money left over.

Florida is packed with activities to do and if you love golf, you are going to love Florida because it has the most golf courses out of any state. You will also have an easy time making friends because it has the most people over 65 in any of the states. There are lots of activities that are geared for seniors and you can find classes everywhere.

The cost of health care is lower in Florida and there are lots of hospitals and clinics to choose from. If you need more extensive care, you will find that home health aids are a lot cheaper as well. Taxes are also low in Florida which is going to put even more money in your pocket. Real estate costs are very low and rents are reasonable if you are going to be renting. Your retirement income is going to go pretty far in Florida and you can enjoy a higher quality of life when you live there.

If you aren’t sure if you want to retire in Florida or not, you will want to consider visiting a few times. This way you can get a feel for the state and find the city that you want to live in. There are lots of great states to choose from in Florida and you can take advantage of great weather in all of them. It feels fantastic not having to worry about shoveling snow or falling on ice. Each day is warm and gorgeous and you can really get out and enjoy life when you move to Florida. It is truly one of the best places to live in the United States.