Facilities that an apartment can provide

There are different types of apartments located in Virginia. All the different types of apartments include studio apartment, garden apartment, secondary suite, Maisonette and communal apartments. Each comes with a different set of facilities depending on its size, location and rent.

There is such a diverse variety of facilities and amenities that sometimes it gets hard to choose even. You might get the choice of a furnished apartment i.e. the apartment might already have furniture and other stuff. The other option is to get a non-furnished apartment. In these apartments, you can bring your furniture and decorate it the way you want. There are serviced apartments too. Serviced apartments are those that are made for short stays. They include lax furnishings along with kitchen utensils and a maid service at your beck and call.

In apartment buildings where there are a lot of tenants, their might be laundry facilities. Some times each apartment has its very own laundry facilities but most of the times tenants have to share a mutual medium. Each building has its utilities like water, gas and electricity that are divided into each apartment in the building. Usually, the telephone connections are inside each apartment it’s your choice to use it or not.

The telephone bills are charged separately from the monthly rent. Same is the case with cable and television bills. Sometimes apartments come with the availability of resources like a secure parking space, air conditioning, thermostats and extra storages. There is always a limit to the number of people that can live in the apartment. In some cases more than one person is allowed in a studio apartment and other cases more than four people are not allowed in a garden apartment. This totally depends on the landlord.
Most commonly there is a mailbox room that is on the ground floor of the building. This area is accessible to both the tenants and the mailman. To ensure that the mails do not get in other’s hands, a key is provided with every mailbox. Sometimes, the apartment buildings that are in posh areas provide the service of mail sorting. This service takes the mail directly from the mailman and sorts them according to the apartment they belong to and hand these over in the respective apartments. Almost all the buildings that provide apartment living have a small panel that has respective buzzers to each apartment so that when a visitor visits they ring the buzzer only to their intended apartment. In smaller apartments trash is taken out individually but in larger apartment buildings there is a special room allotted to this service. This room is empty, but it has an opening to the trash chute.

Once you got the trash in the trash bags, you go to this room and squeeze the bag in the trash chute so that it dumps it into a mutual dumpster. In some areas, the landlord does not allow pets inside the apartment to avoid any noise and dirt that may bother the other residents.