Terms & Conditions


  1. We Have Right To Change Our Rules & policy on any Moment.
  2. Member Should Provide All Details Accurate
  3. User Account Should Be verified With in 24hours of his registration Cause We delete all unverified Accounts Daily.
  4. User Should Add minimum 1 website to his account with in 24 hours of his verification done, Cause We delete all 0 sites holder Accounts Daily.
  5. Member Should login to his account regularly to access our changes & features (once in 6 month).
  6. We have right to delete any accounts & its deta without sending any notification to a user.


  1. User Should Add only his own websites.
  2. Website Should Be Verified to multiple place visibility on our website.
  3. Website Should Be in live status to get approved.
  4. Dont keep Adding/Removing same website we keep watch on it & permanently block it to get added to us
  5. We Dont allow blogspot, wordpress, weebly, tumblr sub domains & free domains including url shortner links ( Allowed in paid membership )
  6. We dont accept your your websites subdomains & domains internal pages link (deeplinks) suppose your main domain is tejal.com then you cant add new.tejal.com or tejal.com/en/ so dont take efforts to add such links [red color shows wrong did]
  7. we have right to delete any of your added website without any notice.


  1. Comments are used as guestpost
  2. Same comment under many website subject to deletion of all comments by same user.
  3. Only verified members can add comments.
  4. If member have added website to us and still commenting under another websites subject to block of his website on our network
  5. We have right to delete any comment without sending any notification to its author (writer).